Jason Lescalleet / Cheer-Accident / Wagg+Wet Work

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 9:30pm

JASON LESCALLEET - we're always excited to host this electro-acoustic sound explorer / innovator from Maine. the methodology of his performances vary, from tape-based applications to hi-definition digital expressions and various avenues in between, the results of which are unique, challenging, mind-expanding excursions into the world of sound... DO NOT MISS THIS NIGHTLIGHT FAVORITE!!!

CHEER-ACCIDENT - this long-standing, Chicago-based ensemble led by Thymme Jones will be making their first appearance at the club. they're touring in support of their 18th(!!!) album (and third on the Cuneiform label). very excited to check them out.

WAGG+WET WORK - ok, seriously, this is Mike Geary, "Crowmeat" Bob Pence, and Ginger Wagg performing together in a new configuration... this is like a mashup of Reflex Arc and Wet Work or whatever. gonna be cool.

$8 / doors @ 9:00 / music @ 9:30 / all ages