NL 15th Anniversary: Night 5 of 5

Saturday, March 3, 2018 - 7:00pm

NIGHTLIGHT is turning 15 years old this month and we'll be celebrating with 5 special shows over 2 weekends showcasing SOME of our best buddies and SOME of the different types of shows that we do at the club. for us it's the beginning of our 6th year at the wheel and we're proud to be part of a chain of people keeping this excellent room for music (which has been serving the community for almost 50 years) going. long live the NIGHTLIGHT!

night 5: The Big Finale

we're going long and hard the last night of this thing. we've got TEN excellent acts lined up. to help us get through this epic night of partying, Nightlight Executive Chef AARON SMITHERS will treat us to a spread of the finest in vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot dogs, chili, queso, and tater bites! you're welcome!!

without further ado, in reverse order:

HOUSEFIRE - techno fever dreams / deepest murk
LIQUID ASSET (NYC) - wizard acid / box jockey
HANZ - sample-based mind and body control
JEFF ZAGERS (Savanna, GA) - eternal anthems / lullabies for east coast freaks
SECRET BOYFRIEND - hermit of ross' wood / aluminum flashing
BIRTH RATTLE (Greenville, NC) - resurrected super group whose name i originally fucked up but now it's right
DIVIDE & DISSOLVE (Melbourne, AUS) - minimal metal duo on tour
DE_PLATA - fire and ice / wires and wood 
CLANG QUARTET (Stokesdale, NC) - true spirit / core strengthener
REFLEX ARC - reeds and movement

$15 (includes food) / doors @ 7:00 / dinner & music soon after / all ages

note: All Day Records in Carrboro will be selling passes for the low price of $30 to encourage people who might like to sample each of the 5 nights (or people who'd just like to show their support for the space). we'll post in these events when those tickets are available.