Energy Flash

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 10:00pm

Energy Flash: Not a flashback, but a flash forward

Drivers For The Night

DJ Sinestro (Washington D.C.)
The Seed Recordings, Society Music Italy, Techno Tuesdays

If you know the Mid-Atlantic dance scene, you know Sinestro. Like so many others, he started DJing in the mid 90's and, thankfully for us, has stuck with it. Techno has become kind of a buzz word as of late that is starting to lose it's meaning, but Sinestro is the real deal. This is legit, unapologetic techno that will never become trendy. 
Lots of accomplishments, including releases on Woody McBride's Communique Label and Frankie Bones’s Hard to Swallow Label, but no laurels are being rested on here. 

James Thomason (Charlotte, NC)
Activ-Analog Recordings
Abstracta Audio Recording

There's tech-house and then there are those who can properly ride the line between techno and house and not get bland. James is solidly in the latter camp and is in my top five DJ's to have come from this state. I don't know what he has planned, but as he told me one night at Dharma Lounge (R.I.P.) a long time ago, "just get ready to jack."

Lady Fingers (Chapel Thrill, NC)
Trax Records

There's a lot to be said about Lady Fingers, but she's signed to Trax Records (you claim to know house, you know that label) and also has releases on NC's own Activ-Analog Recordings sand Abstracta Audio. She's also a damn fine DJ to boot. Get there early to catch her set the mood for the night. 

Venue: Nightlight Bar and Club
405 1/2 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(Next to The Northside District, home of the Wu-Tang Slider)
Door: $7 members/ $10 non members
10pm until