Horizontal Hold, Organos, Tegucigalpan All-Stars, Bad Balloon

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 9:00pm

This is an exciting rockshow to celebrate Dave & Kerry Horizontal Hold's 15th (crystal) anniversary! Come celebrate with them and their friends!!

Horizontal Hold=Is a spazzy quartet from Durham, including two people who are married to each other. (Silly, we know, but it's fun.)  
Also, we've got a brand-new album called "The Silence".

Organos=Maria Albani's singular, delightfully askew vision of pop comes to life on stage every now and then...when we're lucky. She and her pals make music that is guaranteed to bring joy.

The Tegucigalpan All-Stars=To be honest, we're not *totally* sure what Clark, Ben, and Lee are cooking up. (For now, we're calling it TAS, but that name will probably change.) Know this: It will rule.

Bad Balloon=Lee Waters's sometimes-solo project. He's a genius, a rock 'n' roll Renaissance man, and an all-around swell guy, so it's gonna be awesome. 

Doors 9:00pm / Music 9:30pm / $7 / all-ages