Felix Obelix/Wendy Spitzer's Co-Labor-Atory

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 7:30pm

Felix Obelix/Wendy Spitzer presents a selection of collaborations (circa 2016-2018):

Instrumental Library Music: Barnabas Poffley (UK) + Wendy [Making weird music for fun and profit - Barnabas to be Skyped in live in the dead of night from London to discuss]

Documentary Art Project/Installation: Carol Bales + Wendy
[What is friendship? Two friends blow up the topic and make some portraits, audio, participatory oddities, and an installation along the way]

Songwriting in Collaboration: Genevieve Dawson (UK) + Wendy
[dark, collaboratively written songs sung by a golden-voiced Scot]

A Reading of a Kid's Novel in Progress: Billy Sugarfix + Wendy
[Remember seventh grade? We're writing a 'middle grades' chapter book together and you'll hear a bit of it]

Jeezle-Pete, a 'Band': Josh Starmer + Robert Cantrell + Wendy
[Unusual, metrical, collaboratively written songs - they're weird even by Wendy standards]

Plus: a presentation of Wendy's master's research on trust, vulnerability and the social dynamic in creative collaboration, and some other surprises.

Doors 7:30 / $7 / all agesĀ